Executive Leadership & Establishment

Aston & James Publishing, LLC's unique high quality designs and products are just as unique as the story of the founding of Aston & James Publishing, LLC.

On one cold winter day in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nick H. Kamboj a member of the Executive Leadership team members of Aston & James Publishing, LLC decided to enroll in a graduate level English course at Harvard University which was titled The Scientist & The Monster: From Frankenstein to Einstein.  This course, which was taught by Dr. Sue Weaver Schopf, was fascinating in many insightful ways.  

Dr. Schopf's engaging approach to the course material and in-depth understanding of the characters as well as the development of the novels was outstanding; however, Dr. Schopf's passion for the literary works which she taught, influenced Nick to establish Aston & James Publishing, LLC and to focus its direction on the publishing of high quality and uniquely engaging classic fiction books.  

Furthermore, it was Dr. Weaver's Graduate Teaching Assistant, Mr. Robert Fox, Esq., who provided for the basis of Aston & James Publishing LLC's meticulous detail, reference checking, editing, and formatting publishing model.  Mr. Fox' unwavering dedication to high quality deliverables and his insatiable desire to challenge each of his students was second to none.  Dr. Schopf's and Mr. Fox' passion as well as dedication provided Aston & James Publishing, LLC's executive leadership high quality aspirations to strive towards.  

Aston & James Publishing, LLC developed soon afterwards and with unrelenting momentum.  Simple.  Elegant.  Minimal.  Powerful.  Passionate.  These were the adjectives that continued to resonate with our founding leadership during their planning processes for what Aston & James Publishing, LLC would eventually become.  The foundation for everything that Aston & James Publishing, LLC is built upon stems from the premise that books are wonderful and that everyone should have the opportunity to purchase high quality literary masterpieces with the utmost confidence in their content.  

Aston & James Publishing, LLC was established to provide elegantly simple, yet powerful high quality literary masterpieces.  Aston & James Publishing, LLC is not a broad publishing firm, nor is it a widely diffused multi-national with an array of offerings.  Aston & James Publishing, LLC is very specifically focused publishing firm providing visually engaging high quality books within limited genres.

As you explore what Aston & James Publishing, LLC has to offer, we hope that you will come to discover that our books are those which we are highly confident, competent and passionate about.  We do not offer the full-suite of books which other book publishers may provide.  Our belief is to do something well, and to continue our focus with unwavering dedication on that which we do well.

Nick H. Kamboj with his best selling MBA Admissions Interview Guide 2nd Edition, soon to be published under the Aston & James Publishing, LLC imprint.

Nick H. Kamboj with his best selling MBA Admissions Interview Guide 2nd Edition, soon to be published under the Aston & James Publishing, LLC imprint.