Who We Are

Aston & James Publishing, LLC is a publishing company with corporate headquarters located in the Chicago-land area within the State of Illinois, in the United States of America.  Aston & James Publishing, LLC is a formally organized Limited Liability Company and is registered within the State of Illinois.  Aston & James  Publishing, LLC is also a fully insured corporate legal entity.

Aston & James Publishing, LLC is focused on select genres and book titles.  Aston & James Publishing, LLC offers select classic books which are available throughout various retail channels across the world, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine booksellers as well as on-line book retailers.

Our books are printed with high quality proofing, editing and formatting to ensure the utmost accuracy and readability.  Furthermore, Aston & James Publishing, LLC's unique and colorful front and back cover designs are a break from traditional publishing artwork creation.  With a diverse product offering, Aston & James Publishing, LLC offers a variety of literature for one to choose from.  With domestic and international sales, Aston & James Publishing, LLC has established a strong and growing presence within the international landscape.  

Given Aston & James Publishing, LLC's commitment to providing quality publishing services and expediency of product delivery, we have partnered with the world's most powerful supply chain and service delivery organizations to facilitate the printing and distribution of our books.  As such, our books are printed with the highest quality in various locations through the United States, the United Kingdom and within Europe.