Nick H. Kamboj, Check Please! Food Show Award Winning Restaurateur (2012 Season), recently joined Sur La Table's Executive Chef In Residence, Mr. Adam Leach ... by Nick Kamboj

at Sur La Table's 900 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago location for an evening Italian cooking class. Nick's primary intent was to learn fun and innovative process improvement techniques, which could be applied to broader and more complex technological and strategic issues. Of course, the end product of the evening's cooking class was also absolutely delicious!


Aston & James Publishing, LLC Annual Scholarship Award Winner by Nick Kamboj

This year's 2018 Aston & James Publishing, LLC academic scholarship recipients from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. It is truly an honor and a privilege for the company which I founded, to be able to support the education of those who will truly shape the future. Also, each scholarship recipient, also received a book as a gift; they had a choice of choosing one of my non-fiction books or a classic Aston & James Publishing, LLC classic such as Barrie's Peter Pan, Carroll's Alice In Wonderland, Kipling's Just So Stories and Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I am so happy that majority of them chose the classics :-)